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We asked him how and when he first started singing like Elvis....He said that when he was about six years old...his mother and dad taught him every song Elvis sang..and had him watch all the movies Elvis made. They taught him everything there was about the singing Legend...and it just came natural to him.

We asked him if he was close to his parents..and he informed us yes...very close. They were the ones that got him started doing what he does and backed him all the way. I'm sure they are very proud of their son.

We asked if he had any brothers and sisters and he said he has 2 sisters and 1 brother...and we then asked if any of them were in the entertainment world..and he said at one time his brother was but not now....he was the only one.

He told us about performing in Canada  and about the Casinos he performed at in Las Vegas.  He not only performs with the Legendary Superstars...he does have his own show that is highly successful.  He told us about the lighting and effects that are used with his own show...that the back of the stage there is a screen and Elvis photo's are up there for everyone to he sings 50 songs each night...all of which different pictures in the background change. Can you imagine how exhausting that is?  But Ray says he loves every minute of it.

One thing that was intriguing was when we asked him what does he do about getting ready for his performance ....he said really...when he puts on the costume....he's ready...he can't explain it...but when he goes out on's there...and so right he is.  He is by of the most entertaining performers I have ever met...and he gives it 100% every time ...whether it is one show or three shows a night.  His voice is so like Elvis's that you would swear it is Elvis singing.  The one thing I like about his personality...It is so appealing..and the band and others he performs with makes it fun to watch and listen every time you see the performance.  He told us about one lady that has seen his show 45 times...and keeps coming back.  We are going to find out who she is and put a picture of her on the FAN page of Ray's website...and have her tell us in her own words how she likes seeing Ray perform.  I think it would be nice to hear what she had to say.

We talked about his costumes... he usually wears a white one...but Saturday night...I saw him in the Black Owl costume. They are very expensive...and that one alone cost 2500.00. Mr.Will Reeb's , a friend of his, and also another Elvis entertainer, made it for him.  He said he will be getting another suit soon..and it will be like the one Elvis wore in Hawaii in the Aloha Special.  I can't wait to see it.

Noel told Ray since we now have the CD he had given to us...he was going to change the show and have his voice singing "My Way"  while pictures of his performance was being shown on the Powershow.  We were happy to hear that several of his friends that had seen the show really liked Noel's work..and were amazed how great it made us feel good...knowing how much they liked it.

We talked about so many things..about his favorite songs... his fellow performers..his friends that work the show with him....about Cher..Elton John...The band....Michael Jackson...Marilyn Monroe...Neil Diamond....The girl lead singer.....Gosh...I forgot what their real names are...In fact...the two hours we spent talking passed so swiftly.  He didn't hurry us at all...and Noel and I were very impressed with  this shy, talented man.  He did tell us that he would send us a biography of himself (I think that is why I didn't write anything down!!!)  We left then...bidding our goodbye's...and knowing we will be in touch...and seeing him soon again. We will have our digital cameras along too.

Before we left...we played the slots again (for just a wee bit) and I came home 500.00 richer and Noel won 120.00) .... All I can say is we had a very enjoyable afternoon!!  Saturday night we are going to see Ray Hollick again and the Legendary Superstars at Santa Ana Casino...wish you could join us!!

Our Best to You...Lucy and Noel