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Interview With Bill Smith

On Tuesday, February 27th, Noel (my son), and I went to meet Bill Smith for an interview about Ray Hollick-Elvis Impersonator for the Legendary Superstars.  After meeting Bill...we knew we came to the right man...because he of all people, knows Ray and knows what a fine performer he is.  Bill had so many nice things to say about Ray...that I liked him almost immediately.  Our main reason for talking with Bill was to hear all about Ray and even though I took a few more notes then we did when we interviewed Ray...between Noel and I ...I think we can remember most of what was said.   

He said he saw a lot of Elvis impersonators..and not one of them measure up to Ray.....There might be some that look a little more like Elvis...and there might be a few more that sings more like Elvis...but there is No One that looks and sings and acts more like Elvis then Ray does when he is up on stage. When Ray is not on stage...he is nothing like Elvis...he's just a real nice guy.....but when he gets his costume on...and is on stage singing ...he is Elvis.  He is phenomenal!! He used this word several times in our conversation and we agree with him wholeheartedly!! He said he has seen over 250 performances and he never tires of seeing the show.  Ray has a beautiful voice...and when he is up there he gives it everything he's got...and the audience loves him. His actions..his singing...and his voice is so appealing...just like Elvis. Ray's act includes the audience...and when they instilled into the show the song "Are You Lonesome Tonight" Ray chooses a lady out of the audience...someone perhaps that is having a birthday...and takes her up on stage and sings to her....We've seen this..and it is hilarious...and everybody loves it!!.... and they love Ray!!  He has the audience in his hands….He told us of this lady that has seen the show 47 times..and she dearly loves him! We now have found out where we can find her...and in the very near future...we will be featuring her on the Fan page.  We will let her tell you why she loves Ray/Elvis so her own words.

I was given a badge/pin...that says Love Me Tender (I slyly asked if I could have it!) and Bill also gave us a copy of the new Love Me Tender pins that will be given to people that come to the show....In fact..he said we were the first ones that has seen it...and that made us feel
good.  We will put it on Ray's Website that everyone can see

Ray Hollick

Little Sister